Build Your Own Programmable Robot from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Build Your Own Programmable Robot from the Comfort of Your Own Home

  In 2016, technology surrounds us. It’s pertinent in our homes, workplaces, schools, and even in front of you now while you’re reading this screen. We are in the midst of a technological revolution that everyone can play a part in. Forty years ago, building a computer in your own home was only an activity that scientists or science students were able to accomplish, but nowadays, anyone can self-learn the technical know-how to build a computer from scratch after buying parts on the internet. Nonetheless, building and programming your own robot might have seemed impossible without extensive training, but thanks to the globalization of technology we are experiencing, it is possible for anyone to build their own programmable robot, even from the comfort of their own home.

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n the 21st century, it is never to early or too late to learn robotics. If you are a beginner wanting to build your first robot, buying a robotics kit is a great place to start.  A robotics kit such as Roboloco’s Origins Kit can teach you everything you need to know about the basics of robotics. These topics include how to design robots with the materials provided, how to attach sensors, how to use a motherboard such as the RobolocoRoboCore, and how to program a robot using a low level programming language. Guided tutorials will give you the confidence to start building and programming your own robots from scratch. Programming and robotics are pertinent to everyday life, so it is essential to have a basic understanding of how they work. Even the job market is incorporating more and more robotics, so learning these skills in an interactive way in your own home can even give you an advantage in the workplace.  


  A basic understanding of coding is an important skill. Roboloco’s easy to use programming platform, CastleRock, is based off of one of the most common programming languages used today, C++. Amazon, Google Chrome, and Facebook, are among the plethora of widely used platform’s that C++ was used to code. CastleRock’s version of C++ is object oriented, meaning that it uses classes and objects to help the computer communicate actions the robot needs to perform. Object orientation is one of the most widespread ways to create a programming language, meaning that after learning your first object oriented programming language, other’s similar to it such as C#, Python, and Java will come naturally.

  In addition to being in the middle of the technological revolution, we are in the midst of the STEM education revolution as well. STEM is an acronym standing for science, technology, engineering, and math. Robotics teaches all categories of STEM; therefore, it is extremely useful and applicable to anyone pursuing education, whether in the classroom, or self-taught at home. Learning programming for robotics is especially useful for upper level mathematics where algorithms and vectors are key topics.



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  Finally, building and programming robots is an exciting activity that utilizes and develops creativity and critical thinking skills for people of all ages. It is an interactive hobby that can be seen in and applied to the world all around you. Robotics is a widespread field, making it easy for every individual to find their robotics niche, such as robotics competitions or even programming robots to help you with everyday chores, such a monitoring your greenhouse’s temperature. It is enjoyable and can be highly rewarding to build a robot with your own hands and successfully program it. Coding encourages critical thinking and creativity to set goals and accomplish them efficiently. Once you get the basics of robotics and programming under your belt, you will be able to discover thrilling applications that you would have never imagined before and truly express yourself using programming and robotics.

     Ultimately, robots are not going away anytime soon. This amazing technology allows us to communicate with each other, accomplish tasks we couldn’t previously, and makes our lives more efficient and convenient; it will continue to develop and help us for years to come. Learning programming and robotics from the comfort of your own home will not only provide an exciting, educational hobby, but also can help you learn useful skills. Even if you are not familiar with computer science yet, with persistence, anyone can build their own programmable robot. Robotics is for everyone in the 21st century; buy a kit and start learning today!

Derek Capo