Advanced Robot Kits for Adults Interested in Engineering

Advanced Robot Kits for Adults Interested in Engineering

Rolling up your sleeves and digging into robots isn’t only for kids. More and more adults are also turning to robotics as a creative outlet and opportunity to set their science, math, engineering, and technology interests into motion, literally.

Some adults might try out the occasional robot kit, whereas others are true fanatics that dedicate a big portion of their free time to perfecting the craft and science.

While some robotics companies target young audiences, others have a special niche for advanced robot kits for adults. These test the same problem solving and decision-making skills used in robotics for students. In addition, these advanced models will call on more complex problem solving and innovation as well as computer programming skills, mechanics, and design elements.

When it comes to choosing advanced robot kits for adults right for you, it can be helpful to keep in mind some basic qualities your robotic kit should possess. Here are five important characteristics of your robotic kit to keep in mind.

Flexible Functionality

Most adult robot fanatics are looking for a real challenge when they purchase an advanced robot kit. Especially for adults with a creative mindset for design, it’s important to choose a robot kit that is versatile in functionality and design set up.

There are many robot kits that boast 10 or 12 variations in the way the designer chooses to construct the robot. Not only does this give adults more freedom in the assembly of their robot, but it also gives the product more longevity since adults can reconstruct a variation the same robot using a new design several times. For robotics kits that reach into hundreds of dollars, it makes sense to find one with multi-use capabilities.

These robots which focus primarily on design elements have simplified other aspects of the robot’s construction.For example, some robotics kits simplify the computer programming process by allowing you to control the robot with your smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth connection.



Quality Hardware

Individuals specifically interested in engineering their robots should consider an advanced robot kit for adults that includes careful quality hardware. One of the primary attributes is limb articulation. These types of robots that mimic a spider-like design allow your robot to move more precisely according to coding specifications. The major components of such kits include a battery, servo, Nano board, and wireless capability, such as the nRF24l01 wireless module. Some even include a Mobile Robot Remote Controller, which makes it possible to control the robot from another room.

Besides the shape of the robot legs, it’s also crucial that hardware is long-lasting and top-of-the-line. Some robot kits are equipped with arms that remember set moves, making it easier than ever to program your robot to complete basic functions. 

Lastly, limbs should be flexible, with a strong grip. When purchasing one of these robot kits, you should look for parts with a wide range of motion. For example, look for robots with a wrist motion of at least 120 degrees and a base motion and rotation between 180 and 270 degrees. You should also look for grippers that can be controlled to grasp and release objects with a fluid motion.

Wireless Control

When it comes to programming your robot, you may find you prefer to use a wireless control system. This is beneficial for many reasons. First and foremost, robots become instantly more portable and easy to operate without the extra wires attached in traditional programming control systems. This also means that the robot controller isn’t restrained to manipulating the robot only at close range. When multiple robots are used, they can more succinctly interact with each other without the complications of additional wires. As competition formats become more complex, teams or individuals with wireless-controlled robots will have an advantage.

In particular, you should look for advanced robot kits for adults that allow for connection via Bluetooth enabled smart devices (iOS and Android) which are user-friendly and doesn’t require the purchase additional controllers.

Other robots boast a simplified wiring system that connects modules to each other without the need for soldering irons or other wiring machines. This will streamline the process and speed up the mechanics. 

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Easy Assembly

Simple design and easy build are important to many adults interested in advanced robotics, especially those interested in other aspects of robot function.However, easy assembly doesn’t necessarily mean that the design of the robot will suffer: that the robot has to be rigid or the movements jerky. Many robot kits that boast a simple build are also versatile, with elements like spotting 5 motors and 5 joints.

Once their robot has been assembled, enthusiasts can focus on intensive brainstorming, like choosing a computer programming language that will best accomplish the robot’s goal tasks given the hardware and wiring system used.

Customized Design

Besides building on their knowledge in STEM-related areas, many adults also turn to robotics for their intrinsic creativity. Therefore, adults should pay careful attention to kits that lead to customized design.

The primary advantage in many custom design robotics kits is that they are compatible with open-system computer programming capabilities. Open source software allows for public collaboration and even modification of source code which makes individual design elements easy to customize. Here, adults interested in robotics can experiment with code and build on others’ coding as well to accomplish more intricate robotic maneuvers.

The robotics world reaches far across age constraints, gender, socio-economic background, and traditional academic assessment based on standardized exam scores. So why leave adults out of the mix?

Advanced robot kits for adults can change the way adult enthusiasts spend their free time and expand their knowledge of STEM. Once individuals have a strong grasp on what they hope to get out of their experience in robotics, they’ll be well on their way to choosing a robotics kit that will stretch their imagination and bring their innovation to a new level.

Derek Capo