8 Homeschooled Tech Entrepreneurs that You Need to Know

Do you know that the founder of all your favorite apps - WhatsApp, Instagram and Tumblr - are homeschooled? Who else?


1. Fred Terman Fred Terman is widely considered to be "the father of Silicon Valley." He was homeschooled until attended Stanford University. His work in radar countermeasures in World War II saved countless lives. Yet this Father of Silicon Valley was also a caring father at home as well.

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2. Philip Streich  Streich is indeed a focused figure. As a teenager, he was known as the “best brain in science” and out to change the world award—self taught scientist, s successful technical entrepreneur. The company he cofounded, Graphene Solutions, was featured in Business Week and won the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan top award." Even his death, became one of the mysteries.

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3. Soichiro Honda Soichiro Honda is known as the best bicycle repairman in auto making. In 1940s, he manufactured a small engine that could be attached to a bicycle to create a motorbike and his attempt became successful. His first success encouraged him to jump into the competitive marketplace of cars and his precedent success assisted him to go ahead and receive success.


4. Bill Lear Bill Lear is best known for founding the Lear Corporation. He also invented the B-battery eliminator and the 8-track cartridge. He was kicked out of high school for "showing up his teachers," after which he spent time re-building a Model-T car with his father, traveling the country, running and repairing rotary typesetting and printing machines and serving in the navy.

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5. David Karp When David Karp was 15, he dropped out of high school to be homeschooled on New York’s Upper West Side. At 17, he moved to Tokyo to work for UrbanBaby, an online parenting advice site with highly trafficked message boards full of urban-dwelling moms and dads. He founded Tumblr at 20. Tumblr is a Web platform inspired by the tumblelog, a blog format which enables short-form, mixed-media posts. He is also the fist-bumping with U.S President.

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6. Jan Koum: Jan Koum, co-founder of WhatsApp was born in a small village near Kiev in Ukraine. By 18, he learnt computer networking all by himself with the help of manuals from a used bookstore. Incidentally, in 2009, the seeds of this amazing innovation were sown. Koum bought an iPhone and figured out that apps would be the next big thing. He thought creating a hassle-free and instant messaging service would work wonders across the globe if it had mobile users as base. The idea was to get people across the world to network on a single platform effortlessly. It took him months of back-breaking work and testing to get the code in place. There were several trying times when things would not fall in place.

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7. Ron Wayone: Ron Wayone is the co-founder of Apple Inc.. Being the unknown co-founder of Apple qualifies as successful in anyone's book, Ron drew the first Apple logo, and also wrote the first Apple I manual.

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8. Kevin Systrom: Instagram‘s CEO, Kevin Systrom, will go down in history as one of the greatest Silicon Valley success stories of our generation. Unlike Mark Zuckerberg, the man responsible for acquiring the popular photo sharing app for $1 billion, Systrom received no formal engineering training. Systrom, is a largely self-taught programmer. While working in the marketing department at Nextstop, which Facebook acquired in 2010, he would spend his evenings learning to program.

Jaswinder Singh